About me

I am Laura Nunez Lendo and I am a 360º creative artist with a passion for visual storytelling and playwriting. I serve as the video editor, scriptwriter, and producer for diverse audiovisual productions such as TV series and documentaries for platforms such as HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Spanish television channels, and I am also the co-founder of Sistars Productions.

I am deeply honored to have been selected as a Jackson Wild Fellow and to have received an invitation to participate in the NGS Visiting Scientist Program for the project “Exploring the Uncharted Te Mau Motu” aboard the Lindblad - National Geographic Orion vessel. In this role, I serve as the Lead for the aerial surveys, tasked with mapping the wonders of the remote Tuamotu archipelago. It's a privilege to contribute to such an important expedition, and I'm excited to embark on this adventure of discovery.