Zero Waste Chef

Season 01

Documentary series (8E x 45').

The Odyssey of a Young Biologist: Raising Awareness Across Europe on Food Waste and Unsustainable Practices Impacting Ecosystems and Biodiversity Conservation

Season 02

Documentary series (12E x 45').

Continuing across Europe, a young biologist raises awareness about food waste and unsustainable food processing and packaging systems, emphasizing their impact on ecosystems and biodiversity.

Arctic Challenge

Docufiction series (11E x 60').

In football, the focus is usually on players' success, but behind the scenes, there's a darker reality of crime and tragedy.

11 Tiros (11 Shots)

Documentary series (8E x 60').

The personal journey of eight teenage cancer survivors to reach the North Pole, aiming to raise awareness against climate change.

Mi mundo es Otro

Documentary series (4E x 50').

The singer reviews the story of his life. After a though childhood marked by bullying and crime, Omar Montes knew how to rise from his ashes and pursue his true dream: become the most listened singer nationwide.

El principito es Omar Montes

Documentary series (2E x 50').

María Jiménez, a Spanish artist, multifaceted, rebellious, and outspoken. In this documentary, the artist is surrounded by her son and her pets in her home in Chiclana de La Frontera, to review her life trajectory, both personal and professional. Friends, family, and confidants also contribute anecdotes and testimonies about her. Additionally, María reveals some aspects of herself and allows viewers to see her day-to-day life while facing lung cancer.


Arctic Challenge: The Documentary

Documentary (60').

The personal adventure of 8 teenagers, cancer survivors, to reach the North Pole, with the aim to raise awareness against climate change.

Te Tai Nui a Hau, 'The Great Ocean of Peace'

Documentary (16').

Environmental visual project in French Polynesia in support of Te Tai Nui a Hau, 'The Great Ocean of Peace', a large-scale marine protected are project in the Marquesas Islands promoted by the regional authorities and supported by the North-American NGO The Pew Charitable Trusts.


Frozen Zoo, 10' New narratives Documentary

Short documentary (15').

Join our expedition exploring Okinawa's coral reefs, conducting scientific work like diving and ecological surveys, alongside captivating interviews and footage showcasing the region's marvels and environmental challenges.

Beneath the waves: Exploring Okinawa's Coral Reefs

Short documentary (10').

This documentary deals with the role of embryo cryopreservation and the preservation of genetic material as a measure for the reintegration of extinct or endangered species.