Bailando con las Estrellas

A BBC original TV show where several couples, each consisting of a celebrity and a professional dancer, compete. Each couple performs different types of dances and is evaluated and scored by an expert jury. Additionally, viewers can vote for their favorite couple, with their votes being combined with those of the jury.

/ 2024.

Bulldog & Telecinco (Mediaset España) /

Zero Waste Chef

Season 01

Documentary series (8E x 45').

The Odyssey of a Young Biologist: Raising Awareness Across Europe on Food Waste and Unsustainable Practices Impacting Ecosystems and Biodiversity Conservation.

Season 02

Documentary series (12E x 45').

Continuing across Europe, a young biologist raises awareness about food waste and unsustainable food processing and packaging systems, emphasizing their impact on ecosystems and biodiversity.

En la Corte del Principito

It's a talk show where Omar Montes is surrounded by a diverse cast of characters who accompany him in his concerts, recordings, travels, family situations, or in his daily life. In other cases, Montes himself gets involved in the professional lives of his companions, but always with the same objective: to carry out a unique encounter, Omar Montes style, that will allow us to get to know both the singer and presenter and those who share the program with him better.

/ 2021.

Beta Entertainment Spain & Prime Video /

Mi gran bautizo Gipsy

Spin-off of the reality show 'Los Gipsy Kings'. The Jiménez clan is getting ready for a big event: the baptism of Danielita, the unexpected little daughter of Marisol and the younger sister of Rebe. The Jiménez family will have to face new situations arising from this surprise.

Mi gran boda Gipsy

/ 2023.

Beta Entertainment Spain & Cuatro (Mediaset España) /

/ 2021.

Beta Entertainment Spain & Cuatro (Mediaset España) /

Spin-off of the reality show 'Los Gipsy Kings'. The Jiménez family will have to prepare the wedding of their eldest daughter, Rebe, in three weeks filled with reunions, untimely romances, and an unexpected pregnancy in the family.

Los Gipsy Kings

Season 07

(8E x 45'). 2020.

It is a television program, framed within the reality show genre, that follows the lives of several Romani families from Spain. It depicts how this ethnic group lives in different locations across Spain and how they interact with each other.

Season 06

(8E x 45'). 2019.

Toc Toc ¿Se puede?

Television program where its reporters venture for the first time into the most curious, beautiful, historic, or extravagant houses in the city of Madrid for the enjoyment and gossip of all viewers of the network.

Season 01

(10E x 50').

Season 02

(12E x 50').


8 MM Sports Live Broadcast Production

Live broadcast program of First Division Spanish Basketball, Athletics, and Triathlon matches.

/ 2018.

Teledeporte y TVE /