(Escola Superior de Cinema y Audiovisuals de Cataluña)

/ 2024

Córdoba (Spain) /

I'm excited to embark on a journey of documentary filmmaking as I've been granted a scholarship to pursue studies at ESCAC (Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Cataluña) in Córdoba! This opportunity represents a significant step forward in my cinematic aspirations. I eagerly anticipate immersing myself in the art and craft of storytelling through documentaries, ready to explore and learn from this enriching experience.

New Narratives, Empowerment and new voices workshop:

A New Approach to Visual Storytelling

/ 2023

San Diego, California (USA) /

This film lab was tailored for mid-career Latinx filmmakers, emphasizing storytelling in nature and science from innovative angles. Participants delved into the evolution of storytelling in conservation and science, discussing the imperative to shift the storyteller approach towards inclusive perspectives, embracing alternative viewpoints from non-Western cultures.

Beneath the waves:

Scientific disseminations and Storytelling

/ 2023

Okanawa (Japan) /

In this expedition, we conducted scientific work (diving, ecological surveys, and underwater photogrammetry) on local coral reefs to understand their functioning and resilience. Alongside, we carried out the documentary filming and science communication campaign that included interviews with local and international experts and Okinawa marvels. The final post-production documentary is currently in process.

New Writers

and Narratives in short format

/ 2022

Escuela de Escritores de Madrid (Spain) /

I am delighted to share that I was awarded one of the twenty scholarships granted by the Madrid School of Writers on its 20th anniversary, dedicated to the exploration of narrative and short story writing. This opportunity allowed me to learn and develop new ways of writing, using creativity to shape and give meaning to written text. Through this experience, I explored various techniques and honed my skills, enriching my understanding of storytelling and narrative structure.

Constructive Visions

Chapter 1 and 2

/ 2020

National Geographic Society /

My mission as co-author and illustrator of the chapters The Future of Nature and The Future of Knowledge was to express through my stories and watercolors the complexity of the connection between communities and nature across thress stories and illustrate nine postcards sent by representatives of different knowledge systems, including indigenous knowledge, on how the pandemic change their world.